Sunday, September 30, 2007

TARA'S VIEWThe view from Tara's window in Toulon, France.

"Here is a picture from a relative's window I took it when I was there visiting in September"
CHRIS' VIEW The view from Chris' window in Florida, USA.

"The only hills in Florida. The tower in the distance is the Citrus Tower in Clermont, Florida"
KRISTINA'S VIEWThe view from Kristina's window in Kosice, Slovakia

"This is what I see when I look out of my balcony window. I took the picture while it was raining, that’s why it may seem a little bit darker. That’s a very cool blog you’ve got there and it’s an awesome idea to collect views from people around the world :) Keep going!"
LISSA'S VIEW The view from Lissa's window in the Philippines.

"I love looking out of windows because they open to a world of possibilites.
I took the picture from my 4th floor flat. The window looks out to a verdant park, where these two birds are constant visitors"
STEPHAN'S VIEW The view from Stephan's window in Potsdam, Germany.

"I moved into a new, small but nice office in Potsdam (Germany) last month and took the attached picture. It's in midtown and there are a lot of tiny, green backyards, slowly turning to yellow, brown and red colors"
BIANCA'S VIEW Thew view from Bianca's window in Augsburg, Germany.

"Do u take small towns too?"
K - Sure do

QING'S VIEWThe view from Qing's window on the way to Queenstown, New Zealand.

"This photo was taken in New Zealand, on our way to Queenstown. We came around a bend and was greeted with this sight! The car in front of us got impatient and tried to plow on ahead ... only to get stuck! No idea where the sheep were going, and none where they came from. They had a shepherd, though, and a dog that were hustling them down the road. We were there for a while.."
CLEMEN'S VIEW The view from Clemens window in Germany.

"Im Clemens from Germany and i think thats a beautiful and great idea from you.
Here is my picture.... its so depressive okay but its my window. My House is on the country but its near Dresden"

Sunday, September 23, 2007

JO'S VIEWThe view from Jo's window in Roman, Romania.

"The picture is taken from my room's window on a gloomy day"
MARIA'S VIEW The view from Maria's window in Upper Austria.
MARK'S VIEW The view from Mark's window in Japan.

"Here is a view from my window on the plane to japan, with Mt fuji under the
CAROL'S VIEW The view from Carol's view in Cape Town, South Africa.
AMANDA'S VIEWThe view from Amanda's window in Chicago, USA.

"Your blog is absolutely wonderful! This is a view of Lake Michigan
and the Chicago River from our living room. This is common scene in
early spring when boats go out to dock along the lake and during late
fall when they go back to be stored for the winter. The bridge is one of 45 moveable bridges spanning the Chicago River"
GRACE'S VIEW The view from Grace's window in London, England.

"This is the view from the living room of my flat in London, England. The trees in the street had just come into blossom and the street were awash with beautiful pink petals. It was gorgeous! Alas, the blossom had to make way for the leaves so now it's all green!"
MARIE'S VIEW The view from Marie's window in Silver Star, British Columbia.

"I live at Silver Star BC and it was taken after a very early snow, sometime in October. That's my view from the living room. If I was rich enough to live on the second floor (!) I would also see the Monashees in the back and they are breathtaking. But I am still too poor to afford a better view. Still, it's a beautiful place where I live"
UNAI'S VIEW The view from Unai's window in San Sebastian, Spain.

"My name is Unai and I´m from San Sebastian, (Donostia in Basque), a beautiful town in the Basque Country (North coast of Spain). In this picture you can see the view from my window in a 13th floor. A little bit of the sea can be seen at the left of the hill"
MATHIS' VIEW The view from Mathis' window in Kalkar, West Germany.

"That's the view from my window. I live in Kalkar, that's in the "Lower Rhine Region", in West Germany. I shot this photograph, when i was watching sunset with my girlfriend. I fetched my father's digicam and focussed the clouds near the sun. several trys later i had that picture on the memorychip"
THOMAS' VIEW The view from Thomas' window in Salzhemmendorf, Germany.