Friday, December 29, 2006

DOLPH'S VIEW The view from Dolph's window in Karlsruhe, Germany.

"Views from my kitchen window in the early morning - last winter and this summer"

Monday, December 25, 2006

TOM'S VIEW The view from Tom's window in Pori, Finland.

"Finland is even more beautiful, than you can imagine. Most I love the sunsets. They are everyday different and everyday even more beautiful than the day before"
PHILIPP'S VIEW The view from Philipp's window in Dossenheim, near Heidelberg, Germany.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

ROBERT'S VIEW The view from Robert's window in Herrenberg, Germany.

"This is the main market place in our beautiful medieval city"
HEINER'S VIEW The view from Heiner's window in The Hague, Netherlands.
SASCHA'S VIEW The view from Sascha's window in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

VIKTOR & RENATA'S VIEWThe view from Viktor and Renata's window in Vilnius, Lithuania.

"Labas or hi. I and Renata are living on the fourth floor of one “modern-box” style buildings. Our flat is not far from a city center, about 20 mins by feet. We spent a lot of time sitting in our balcony, where the picture is taken. We drink coffee in the morning there and talk about everything. From our window you can see a kindergarten below, and the skyscrapers in the downtown.

The picture is taken sometime in the evening in mid November. Oh yes, and the maple. When it has leaves, you can see nothing except leaves"

NINA'S VIEW The view from Nina Tryggvason's window in Vancouver, BC Canada.

The photo was taken in "December 2005, from the 19th floor of Library square"
PATRICK'S VIEW The view from Patrick's window in Aue, Germany.

"Here is a photo taken on a day in early springtime from the terrace at my girlfriend's home. There is sunshine, a rainbow and a snowshower over all"
MAJA'S VIEW The view from Maja's window in Ernsting, Austria.
TOBI'S VIEW The view from Tobi's window in Freudenstadt, Black Forest, Germany.

"I took [the photo] on a very foggy and rainy day. But I like it a lot because it has quite a nice ambience :)"

Friday, December 22, 2006

FLORIAN'S VIEWThe view from Florian's window in Leipzig, Germany.

"My name is Florian, it's a german name, but you can call me "olF". It's
my nickname spelled backward :-).

I've heard about the cool topic of your blog on the german internet
broadcast called "Ehrensenf".( This word makes not really sense, but it contains all letter of the German word for "Televison": Fernsehen.

Let me say sonething about me and the view from my window. I'm 16 years
old, and live in the Eastern Part of Germany. The city is called Leipzig, it's the largest city in eastern Germany, except Berlin, with a population of more than 500,000. I live on the Southside, and I took a photo out of my "North-window". On the Photo there are two houses of my quarter. And in the background there is the high MDR-Tower.
(Television broadcast for Middle-Germany). Wikipedia maybe tells you something more about Leipzig, if you are interrested in.

Greetings from the wonderful Germany!"
CLEMEN'S VIEW The view from Clemen's window in Jena, Germany.

"This picture is taken out of my kitchen window"
ANDREAS' VIEW The view from Andreas' window in Darmstadt, Germany and then in Leicester, Massachusetts, USA.

"Here you can find the last picture I took before I moved to the US. It's a sunset in Darmstadt, Germany. The other photo shows the view from my room in Leicester, Massachusetts"
MIT'S VIEW The view from Mit freundlichen Grüßen's window in Vienna, Austria.

"Taken in Vienna, Christmas last year"
WAS' VIEW The view from Was Los' window in Toronto, Canada.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

WILL'S VIEWI just got an update from Will on the view from his window, it certainly answers some questions. Interesting.

"When i was conducting computer work in a 20 story building in Wakikiki and man either jumped or was thrown from the flows above. He passed by my window and smashed on to the street below. However, his leg was split off in the process. In this photo his leg is on the 3 floor and the rest of him is covered on the street. The police had no idea he lost his leg"

--POST 5/12/06
The view from Will's window in Oahu, Hawaii.
"Also view of leg after someone jumped from building"

Take what you want from the first view, I was suprised when I received it. However I thought I would post it to let you make your own mind up.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The view from Stefan's window in Furtwangen, Germany.

"My name is Stefan and I'm studying informatics in Furtwangen the most beautiful place in Germany.
Furtwangen is located in the "Black Forest", which is well known for its Cuckoo Clocks. You would make me happy if I would find my foto on your website"
MICHELL'S VIEW The view from Michelle's windows in Beijing China and then in Cologne, Germany.

"These are to views from a window, the first one I had in Beijing, I sure hated it. The second one I have now in Cologne, Germany, the light is like this in the evenings this time of year and makes me feel at home"
DAVID'S VIEW The view from David MacGregor's window in Auckland, New Zealand.

"My office on Auckland's Viaduct Harbour - former home of the America's Cup (yachting)"

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

IONUT'S VIEW The view from Ionut Tudor's window in Bucharest, Romania.

"It's my girlfriend taking care of the flowers. It's one of my sweetest views I've ever had"
DIRK'S VIEW The view from Dirk Gleba's window in Herne, Germany.

"The picture show the view out of my kitchen window in Herne, Germany. It was taken on a rainy day during summer 2006. You see a garden that used from the people living in my block. Pretty much green for picture taken in a city with one of the highest population densities in Germany, that lies in the center of one of the biggest European agglomeration areas."

"I visited your site and was fascinated. I would like to contribute one of my

Sunday, December 17, 2006

TINA'S VIEW The view from Tina Beiser's window in Berridale, NSW, Australia.

I just finished reading Tina's book
It's All About The View. It's a book of her thoughts, life learnings and inspiration. I loved it. She has a bit in their on views and her window. So I thought I would put it up here for all to enjoy. (It's a privately published book, so if you are keen to get a copy let me know, and I'll see if I can put you in touch with her)

"I have a beautiful view from my dining room window. It's a large window framed by the branch of an old plum tree. It looks southwest towards the hills, and if I crane my neck to the right (which I wouldn't have to do if I did some pruning) I can see the main range covered in snow.
Yet there are days when I don't see the view - I see only that the window needs cleaning. Life is all about the view: we can look past our daily trials and tribulations or we can choose to focus on them. Do you know what? We usually get what we focus on"
The view from Hauke's window in Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany.

"I'm living in the periphery of Regensburg, a city in Bavaria (southern Germany) with 150'000 residents. My neighborhood is a kind of development area in a former industrial zone. You can see the leavings: the old smokestack wich is maintained at the moment, and the modern Infineon-plant behind it. It's just about 500 meters to Danube river where you can recover in a big park"
JEN'S VIEW The view from Jen's window in Cottbus, Germany.

"The view outside of my window in autumn"
FRANK'S VIEWThe view from Frank's window in Freiburg, Germany.

"Here's mine :). I live downtown in "Freiburg", which is in the south of Germany. A big city with around 220.000 citizens... very nice town!! Worth a visit if you'll ever come to Germany"
SEBASTIAN'S VIEWThe view from Sebastian's window in Cologne, Germany.
KLAUS' VIEW The view from Klaus' window in Oberried, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

"I like to support your nice idea with my view. This is Oberried, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, looking towards the southern Black Forrest, November 2007"

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The view from Fabrizio's window in Livorno, Italy.

"This is the view from my office, you can see the harbour of Livorno and the roofs of the old city"
The view from Justus Barg's window in Alster, Hamburg, Germany.

"Just stumbled over your blog and wanted to give you a big compliment: I really like the idea of giving people around the world a chance to take real and very personal views out of others windows. Please find attached the view out of my office
over the river Alster in Hamburg from the 4th floor"
BIANCA'S VIEW The view from Bianca Dolores' window in Appelmann, Augsburg, Germany.

"I hope you take small towns too"
JEN V'S VIEWThe view from Jen V's window in Kettwig, Ruhrgebiet, Germany.

"A view from one of my windows at the riverside of our old factory. I live in Kettwig / Germany, an area called "Ruhrgebiet" which is a former industrial area. The image shows an old bridge over the river Ruhr. It was 4 in the night, and you see some people working on the bridge. It was very loud, sleeping impossible, so I took some photos of the enlighted bridge, the surrounding trees and the river"
KARLO'S VIEWThe view from Karlo's window in Rottweil, Germany.
CHRISTOPH & THERESA'S VIEW The view from Christoph & Theresa's window in Innsbruck, Austria.

"This is the view from our window, taken in Innsbruck, Austria. The Mountains you can see in the background are called the 'Nordkette' "

Friday, December 15, 2006

The view from Aryaaa's window in Jakarta, Indonesia.

"From the office window next to my cubicle, somewhere in the South of Jakarta, Indonesia, where bunch of people somehow left their old SUVs to rot. Kinda sad indeed"
HANS' VIEW The view from Hans Bomers' window in Oss, Netherlands.
MATHIAS' VIEWThe view from Mathias' window in Margburg, Germany.

"This is what I see, looking out of my window in Marburg, Germany"

Thursday, December 14, 2006

KATY'S VIEW The view from Katy's window in Netherlands.

"It is very dark in the Netherlands now, in December. This is dawn and evening the same day. The boring office park makes a lovely counterpoint to the forever sky"
TYCHO'S VIEW The view from Tycho's window over River Cetina, Croatia from the sky in a helicopter.

I love your blog Tycho - although I don't understand a word of it, I love the photos.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

JOHNNY'S VIEW The view from Johnny's window in Essex, UK.

"Living in the country is very very passive! I love it!"
GREG'S WINDOW The view from Greg's window in Budapest, Hungary.

"My flat is laying on the 10th floor of a concrete building, but some day I have a very nice view to the city"
KLAUS' VIEW The view from Klaus' window in Goettingen, Germany.

"The view from the window of my working room on a lousy autumn morning. But I love these 100 years old brick buildings. It's pure form. Like Lego"