Thursday, December 21, 2006

WILL'S VIEWI just got an update from Will on the view from his window, it certainly answers some questions. Interesting.

"When i was conducting computer work in a 20 story building in Wakikiki and man either jumped or was thrown from the flows above. He passed by my window and smashed on to the street below. However, his leg was split off in the process. In this photo his leg is on the 3 floor and the rest of him is covered on the street. The police had no idea he lost his leg"

--POST 5/12/06
The view from Will's window in Oahu, Hawaii.
"Also view of leg after someone jumped from building"

Take what you want from the first view, I was suprised when I received it. However I thought I would post it to let you make your own mind up.

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Andy Ennui said...

At least it's real. Views are not always pretty. Good post.