Monday, October 01, 2007

ALBERT'S VIEWThe view from Albert's window in Mt Martha, Victoria, Australia.

"Our front window - looking out across the lawn on a welcome rainy Sunday. We daily feed Sulfur Crested Cockatoos and other parrots that visit our garden. [We] Had 20 plus Cocky 's on the lawn at once, very noisy, shrieking loudly, but you have only to see them flying past to be overawed with their majesty & beauty .

This year the Cocky 's have not moved on, as in previous years, probably because of the drought and the resulting lack of food. Also there's a lot of building going on and many open areas are going under tarmac & concrete.

The palms are European Fan, Chinese Windmill & just out of a sight a Chilean Wine. Our garden is approx 1700M2 & we are about 70 kms east of the centre of Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula"
JOUKO'S VIEW The view from Jouko's window in Turku, Finland.