Monday, October 01, 2007

ALBERT'S VIEWThe view from Albert's window in Mt Martha, Victoria, Australia.

"Our front window - looking out across the lawn on a welcome rainy Sunday. We daily feed Sulfur Crested Cockatoos and other parrots that visit our garden. [We] Had 20 plus Cocky 's on the lawn at once, very noisy, shrieking loudly, but you have only to see them flying past to be overawed with their majesty & beauty .

This year the Cocky 's have not moved on, as in previous years, probably because of the drought and the resulting lack of food. Also there's a lot of building going on and many open areas are going under tarmac & concrete.

The palms are European Fan, Chinese Windmill & just out of a sight a Chilean Wine. Our garden is approx 1700M2 & we are about 70 kms east of the centre of Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula"


Francofanatique said...

Have you stopped adding views from windows? I just found your site today; it's so cool!

Kirsty said...

thanks franc

the site is updated every so often...once enough great views have been sent in. and when i'm stirred to post more views. sign up to the RSS feed to keep a track of when it's updated :-)

all the best to you

Anonymous said...

is it safe to say that more than two months on you're not adding to this?

Kelly Brum said...

I loved this idea!

Very good...

jasmine said...

great shot


Anthony said...


I run a series of shots in my blog The Lives And Times... featuring shots out my window. I'm not picking up how to get shots to you. If you could let me know I'd appreciate it.


shayla said...

this picture is beautiful & breath taking. it just looks like a beautiful painting came to life. (: the colors of the outside & the pure white birds are just amazing to me!