Monday, February 26, 2007

DUSANA'S VIEW The view from Dusana's hotel window in Stary Smokovec, High Tatras, Slovakia.

"I was there with my family and friends. We spent very nice time there laughing, skiing little bit relaxing but mostly careing of all our screaming small childs"

Thursday, February 22, 2007

PETER'S VIEW The view from Peter's window in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada.

"I took this picture a few years ago from the window of my small home office in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. This is what the sky looked like at 8:00 am. Yellowknife is above 60 degrees latitude, but below the Arctic Circle so we don't get 24 hours of darkness at any time through the winter. However, on the Winter solstice, the sun rises about 10:15 am and sets around 2:45 pm"
ERMIN'S VIEW The view from Ermin's window in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

THOMAS' VIEW The view from Thomas' window in Essen, Germany.
JANE'S VIEW The view from Jane's window in Arlington, Virginia, USA.

"The window is in what my friends call 'The Secret Room' because the landlord refuses to acknowledge that I have this extra little room and square footage that the other tenants in the building don't have"
JULIET'S WINDOW Thde view from Juliet's window in Monmouth, UK.
LAURA'S VIEW The view from Laura's window in Mexico City.

"Since many years, maybe as a way to keep hold on reality, I have taken a picture, early in the morning, when looking out of the hotel in which I'm staying wherever I visit. In Mexico, where I live, I do it during the month of February when the air is finer due to the strong winds that blow during this time of the year. I liked very much your initiative to contribute with a personal picture and it makes me feel that there will be many others that will see this world with an attentive look"

Saturday, February 17, 2007

PETER'S VIEWThe view from Peter's window in Perth, Western Australia, Australia.

"I live in Perth Western Australia and it we had just had fireworks provided by our City to celebrate Australia Day... then nature decided it could do one better!"

IHOR'S VIEWThe view from Ihor's window in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada.

"Looking out my window from my small office where I work. It is a view looking north to the mountains. This is a typical rainy and cloudy day on the west coast of Canada. Everything is green and lush. White Rock is approx 30 km south of Vancouver, British Columbia"
JOHN'S VIEW The view from John's window in Seattle, USA.

"The orb shaped antenna by Discovery Park over on the Magnolia Bluff. A fiery winter sunset to say the least"

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

MARTIN'S VIEW The view from Martin's window in Aachen, Germany.

"It's located in the most western town of Germany, near to the Netherlands and Belgium. it shows the cathedral of aachen, which is much smaller than the famous and big cathedral of Cologne, Germany, but it's nicer!"
JAN'S VIEW The view from Jan's window in Corfu, Greek Islands.

"I took of the view from my window of my hotel room during my vacation in Corfu last summer. In the back you can see the Ionesian Sea. Take a look at this - some guys taking pictures of their daily cup of coffee..."

Monday, February 12, 2007

JOHN'S VIEWThe view from John's window in New York, USA.

"Not bad for a nomadic Londoner..."

KC'S VIEW The view from KC's window in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

"This picture was taken from my window facing my backyard in Memphis, TN. This is an especially poignant picture because the cat on the left, Black'n, passed away this morning. I'd love to open my window again come Spring and find him sitting there. Tis to dream... In Memory of Black'n. 9/96 - 11/06.

Just wanted you to know I visit your site almost daily to get a fresh eye on the world. It's relaxing and I enjoy seeing the different views one sees. Thank you for your dedication in maintaining this View from the world's window"
DOROTA'S VIEW The view from Dorota's window in Zyrardow, Poland.

"It's a fantastic idea to see views from a home window people from around the world. I'll show you a little piece of my world. I live in central Poland, in a small town called Zyrardow (about 50 km. on South-West from Warsaw). At the end - 3 views from my home window in various seasons"
DAVID'S VIEW The view from David's window in Regent Street, Central London, UK.

"We work in an office on Regent Street, Central London. This is what we see from our window in the centre of this bustling metropolis...."
RAPHAEL'S VIEWThe view from Raphael's window in Dinkelsbühl, Southern Germany.
The view from Lauren's view in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

"The view from my boyfriend's bedroom window in Brooklyn, NY after one of last winter's only substantial snowfalls. Just beyond the brownstone at the center is lower Manhattan's skyline, completely obscured by the snowy air"

Thursday, February 08, 2007

DIMITRI'S VIEWThe view from Dimitri's window in London, UK.

"It was tak
en a couple of years ago from my boss's office in London. It evokes happy memories of... crack of dawn conference calls"
DIMA'S VIEW The view from Dima's window in Moscow, Russia.

"Here's a picture I took when I was staying at friends' 11th floor flat in Moscow. This is a typical view of Moscow suburbs in winter"
ROMAIN'S VIEW The view from Romain's window in Zurich, Switzerland.

"You're looking right to the Mount Zurich, switzerland, called Uetliberg"
HIROMI'S VIEW The view from Hiromi Suzuki's window in Tokyo, Japan.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

AURELIE'S VIEW The view from Aurélie's window in the North West of Washington DC, USA.

"Here's a picture I just took from my bedroom window after I realized it's been snowing tonight! - live in the North West of Washington DC and we don't usually get a lot of snow here.
I love the idea of your blog and I'm looking forward to more glimpses of the world through everyone's window..."
PETER'S VIEWThe view from Peter's window in Zlaté Moravce, Nitra, Slovakia.

Monday, February 05, 2007

KYLE'S VIEW The view from Kyle's office window Keating Industrial Park, Victoria, BC Canada.

"It was taken out the window near my desk after the first snow of the season this year (November 30th) during the early morning fog"
RALF'S VIEW The view from Ralf's window in Stuttgart, Germany.

"I have fun when I watch your page. This is what I see when I am looking out of my living room. The hill is called "Hohewarte" ('high look-out')"
KENT'S VIEW The view from Kent's window in Lake Forest Park, Washington, USA.

"The view from my bedroom window the day after a little snow storm we had. My house is just outside of Seattle"
HOLGER'S VIEW The view from holger's airplane window flying back from Siberia, Russia.

"A view into the tubine from a Tupolev T 154"
JULIAN'S VIEW The (night and day) view from Julian's window in South Beach, Miami, Florida

"From my window I can see the west side of Miami Beach"

Sunday, February 04, 2007

IVO'S VIEW The view from Ivo's window in Komarno, Slovakia.

"It's a sunrise from the window of my house located in Komarno in Slovakia. I hope you like it"

Kirsty - Wow, what an amazing shot. I love how it captures the moon
BARBORA'S VIEW The view from barbora's window in Bratislava, Slovakia.

"I am from Bratislava (about 500,000 inhabitants), I live in the quarter called Devinska Nova Ves and I took this photo a few minutes before the sunset. Sometimes also blocks of flats can see nice :-)"
JURAJ'S VIEW The view from George's window in Dunajska Streda, Slovakia.

"I live in a city called Dunajska Streda, which roughly means "Danube Wednesday" in Slovakia. I really like your web and I don't think you're going to see many pictures from this part of the world so here it is - the views from the 4th floor of our apartment house"
YURI'S VIEW The view from Yuri's window in Prague, Czech Republic.

"The picture is taken from my apartment, it is very close to the center of Prague. The red building is small shopping centre"
DUSAN'S VIEW The view from Dusan's window in Wheatley, Doncaster, UK.

''It's the view from my temporary home in UK, where I'm just living and working. It was just raining. It's a great idea this site!''
BELLE'S VIEW The view from Belle's window in Perth, Western Australia, Australia.

"A photograph of the view from my apartment living room window. The photo is a combination of 2 photos taken during the evening and night on 2 consecutive days"
The view from Judie's windows inParadise Valley, Montana, USA.

"One is taken from the front window (the sunset) the other from my back deck slider window (the deer). This time of the year the deer want to be feed anything that they can get and they are brave and almost come into the house"
CHRIS' VIEW The view from Chris' window in Southeastern Michigan, USA