Friday, June 08, 2007

JDS'S VIEW The view from JDS' window in Slovenia.

...shows the view from our bedroom window. It's looking west and slightly north, and you can see two countries in it: Slovenia in the foreground and covering most of the mountain, and Italy in the distance and in the left. Also, the little pale smudge on the left flank of the mountain is a roadcut where the road passes into Italy for about 300 meters before reentering Slovenia.

The mountain is called Mount Sabotin, and it was the scene of heavy fighting during the First World War. The lines of the Isonzo Front passed right through here, and the Isonzo (Soca) River is just out of sight below the picture's bottom edge.

Also, the picture is put together from five images and has had shadows lightened so you can see detail.

My wife and I climbed this peak the day our first son was conceived.

I hope you can use this picture on your (excellent) site, and if not, I hope you'll enjoy seeing it anyway, and thanks for doing what you do"