Monday, April 23, 2007

KATARINA'S VIEW The view from Katarina´s window in Skalica, Slovakia.
ALEXIS' WINDOW The view from Alexis' window in San Diego, CA, USA.

"Here's a rainy day in from my bedroom window..."

Friday, April 20, 2007

ZETT' VIEW The view from Zett's window in Stuttgart, Germany.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

ANGE'S VIEW The view from Ange's window in Annandale, Sydney, Australia.

"He get's it"

Those of you who have watched
'The Secret' will know what he's doing, and what she's talking about.
LORRA'S VIEW The view from Lorra's window in Squamish, BC, Canada.

"This is a view of downtown Squamish, BC, Canada. It was taken in the afternoon in April 2007, from the 2nd floor, from my living room. It's only my view for the next couple of weeks, and then I move on. I will miss that view. The mountains surround me here"
JESSICA'S VIEW The view from Jessica's bedroom window in Philadelphia, USA.

"The third is the view from my bedroom window in Philadelphia, looking out over Antique Row, the whole way to Camden, NJ.
Your blog is incredible, what a wonderful idea"
DYAN'S VIEW The view from Dyan's window in Glenside, PA, USA.

"Sunday afternoon 4PM Glenside, PA. Nor'Easter. Worst storm since '92. A good
day to stay indoors"

Sunday, April 15, 2007


The view from Ilse-Dore's window in
Iserlohn, Germany.

I love this blog! It's great to watch all the views! This is my view from my window in Iserlohn, Germany - the big church is the Katholic church, called Aloisiuschurch"
ERIN'S VIEWThe view from Erin's window in Dallas, Texas, USA.

"This is the view from our kitchen window in Dallas, Texas.
Love the views from around the world - great blog!"
The view from Angela's window in Corvallis, Oregon.

"This is the view from my back window the morning after our "big" snow storm in November. Once the sun came out, the snow starting "smoking" (sublimating)"

I haven't posted in a while guys, sorry about that. I've spent the last few weeks in hospital (not for me, for someone else). But now life is getting back to normal, so on! :-)