Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I think the views from windows can be quite telling

Telling of life.
Telling of times.
Telling of the life you lead.
Telling of where you live.
Telling of ugliness.
Telling of beauty.

I love the view from my window in spring.
It's not startling, or 'anthing special' by 'special' standards.
Outside my window there is a beautiful skinny tree, full of ultra-green leaves that the sun likes to dance upon. A secret ritual of mine is to lay on my bed, sip water and aimlessly stare out at the view. It's my quiet time, time for myself, the time when I get my ideas.

So this is a quest to gather 100 views from windows around the World.
I'm interested. However beautiful, boring, interesting or simple.

Send me your photo, where its taken + your name and I'll post it. Send to: kirstyhobbs


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Kirsty said...

Thanks Franco. But I'm happy to just enjoy the view :-)