Thursday, March 08, 2007

THE BOOK Well, we have surpassed a collection of 100 views. In fact I think we are heading towards 1000+! 207 views have been included on the blog so far, and there are hundreds more sitting in my inbox waiting to be posted. Which they will be!

I have chosen to put together a book. A collection of 100 views. I will hand pick 100 views to be included in the book. I will of course get in touch with the individuals who sent in the views and get their permission.

I'm not sure how to work it yet. Should I self publish and sell the book over the net, or should I contact a publisher. Should I make it availble to 'everyone', or just print a private copy. What do you think? I'm not sure if anyone would be interested or not? Let me know what you think about the idea. Or if you have any suggestions throw them my way! Or... if you are a publisher or know of one, feel free to say hi.


PhillyOne said...

Most definitely get a publisher. I'd buy the book. I love the idea.

Anonymous said...

Every time I turn my computer on I take a look at the views in your blog. I love to start my day like this and I think it’s a great idea to publish a collection of the 100 best views. I would love to have a copy (or the book). Unfortunately I’m not a publisher and I don’t know one personally. I can only support you by encouraging you to go on with your work.

Best wishes and snowy greetings from Tampere


Dan - Cleveland St Pic, London said...

Hey Kirsty. I'd say speak to Mr Stefan G Bucher who's gone through very similar considerations...

Anonymous said... is a great website for self publishing. I submitted my view a couple of days ago and look forward to seeing it on here

Kirsty said...

Great thanks guys, I'll look into it. I will definatley do it, it's just a matter of figuring out which publisher/distribution etc etc.

I'll check out lulu, as a few people have mentioned them now


Anonymous said...

Kirsty, did you end up publishing? I'm at your site for the first time today...loving the concept and the photos.