Saturday, May 26, 2007

The view from Petya's window in Stralsund, Germany.

"I thought though that i'd like to share my window view in case somebody wants to take a peek outside a student room (and a kitchen in one image) in Stralsund, Germany. It's almost on the Baltic Sea coast. I know, we think it's a joke too, but the beach is close enough to shut us up. It's very diverse, this view, but it's hard to catch the subtle colours.

None of the photos i attached was processed any more beyond light and color adjustments done on the camera (cause i found myself reaching to photoshop several times to make myself feel better about my photographic skills) - i see this is maybe important in your blog since most pictures look very natural. i promise i'll browse through them when i've gotten some sleep. I'm interested to see that world out there behind those windows"

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shayla said...

beautiful!!!!!!! (: